Giacomo Catalani

Giacomo Catalani is an entrepreneur, publisher, and author of articles, books, and videos in science, health, psychology, behaviorism, culture, and business development. Expert in strategic communication is currently one of the few speakers to have designed and developed one of the largest networks with more than 300 domains, including different brands and formats of which he is the creator. He has also produced several projects that improve the work of specialists in science and health, supporting the companies and professional’s position in strengthening their connection with the customers. It presents over 500 educational events a year, including workshops, conferences, seminars, and summits, meeting thousands of people. Major institutions, federations, and companies request its speeches.

Giacomo Catalani Editore

Emblem of an innovative publishing concept, the Giacomo Catalani Editore Group, creates transformational products and experiences, intense and characterized by a powerful inspirational capacity.

Values, Vision, and Mission follow a single matrix of responsibility, capable of sustaining the massive commitment and effort that over time have allowed us to position ourselves at the top of numerous international contexts and to develop a fluid, streamlined and dynamic growth strategy. The vocation for the endless search for knowledge guides the significant will of the Group to contribute to the collective growth and share the preserved knowledge.


ATS Institute

ATS is the First Professional Training Institute in Science Field.

Over 70,000+ Certified Professionals, ATS among the leading international companies, collaborates with research and performance centers such as CEP, Centre d’expertise de la Performance in Dijon, France, the ECSS, European College of Sport Science, the European Registry for Fitness and Health Professionals, NSCA USA, research laboratories, performance companies and centers, and numerous International University Institutes. The ATS Mission is to offers the best support, meetings, sharing events, courses, and training paths that allow you to increase your cultural background and professional experience.



NeuroPeople® Department presents an innovative editorial series, seminars, courses, summits, technological support, and strategic consulting services.

Never before has communication played such a fundamental role in the planning and development phases of a project for both personal and professional growth. Our contribution is aimed at those who wish to access the skills, processes, and tools needed to structure a strategic action plan to optimize investments and achieve the best results.


Sport Science

The world’s most sophisticated platform for studying the Science of Human Movement and Sport for Performance, Prevention, Recovery, and Health.

The world’s first streaming educational platform dedicated to Sport Science, born from determination, tenacity, and a constant search for excellence, but at the center is the talent and professionalism of the best specialists in the world. The highest level of innovation in the industry. It does not just distribute content. It offers paths to professional growth and a better way to study and connect with professionals on the international scene.


Scienze Motorie

Absolute point of reference for Human Motion Science in Italy, this project represents the virtuosity that the Giacomo Catalani Editore Group identifies in the world of business and publishing. has created a better experience in meeting professionals of Human Motion Science. It connects users, professionals, and companies to generate value. It offers an innovative educational environment whose interventions are required by significant Institutions, Academies, and Universities.